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Speaking professionally for more than 20 years, Leon McWhorter is a published author, playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker with over 30 years experience in storytelling, marketing, media/talent training, and corporate motivational, training, and inspirational workshops. A diverse background with all major media outlets (NBC, CBS and, ABC) including 16 years with The Walt Disney Company in an executive role provided collaborative opportunities with top creative teams on major marketing projects such as Toy Story 2-3, Frozen and The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. In his   book, “Say, What?-The Lost Art of Communication” Leon addresses the reality of limitations brought on by the tech revolution and the increased need for dramatic interaction for business and personal growth. Leon’s humorous views of reality have been shared with diverse groups such as The National Association of Religious Broadcasters, The Texas Association of Broadcasters, The Harvard Business School Club, The Educational Media Foundation, The Temerlin Advertising Institute of SMU, McCann/New York along with assorted national Media and Broadcast outlets. He is the recipient of Golden Radio, Katy, and Excellence in Texas Broadcasting Awards. His highly interactive motivational and inspirational  content brings the audiences center stage to show how we all live in the same house but arrange the furniture differently.  

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