Hollly Crowder

Chief Human Resource Officer, The Beck Group


Mike Wade delivered an energetic, engaging, and educational communications training for our HR and Learning and Development team with a refreshing style in an action-oriented setting.  I would recommend to others that they engage with McWho Media, LLC to get a new approach to communications and presentation training


Kara Meyer 
Director, Ad Sales Marketing, Disney Media​ 


Alan Elliott 
Producer, Crosswise Creative

Mike is engaging, insightful and damn entertaining. When he presented to my class of future advertising professionals he imparted  wisdom in a way that left an indelible impression. 


Leon possess leadership, creative instincts, and problem-solving skills.  He has a true understanding of our clients' businesses and is able to direct his team accordingly. He will do whatever he needs to get the job done, which makes him a fantastic team player.


Jean-Paul Colaco 
Chief Revenue Officer at Jaunt

​​Leon is the most creative and effective executive I know. He has the ability to organize people and get them to produce to their highest capabilities -- and enjoy doing it. He is top-tier in all aspects of leadership from budgeting to getting people to get things done.

Jason Shipp

Southern Methodist University

Lisa Breen 
Manager, HR Business Partner at Disney ABC Television Group

​​​Leon is a consummate professional. He blends strong creative instincts with tremendous business acumen. Leon is also an outstanding team player and a great leader of his team. I would highly recommend him.  


​​Leon brings the highest levels of passion and commitment to everything he does. His creative talent and insight is unmatched. He consistently delivered innovative content and programming which molded the brand. His flexibility, business acumen, integrity and desire to help others grow, makes him an incredible leader.